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1. What programs are scheduled on BTV?

The programming schedule for local programs is shown on the bulletin board on channel 9 and 22 when local programming is not being aired. You can also go to the Scheduling/TV Listings section of this website to access the programming schedule.


2. Where is the studio located?

The production studio and offices are located at 80 Spring Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324


3. How do programs get on BTV's Channel 9 and

Volunteers who have been trained to use the equipment shoot, edit and prepare the video for airing. BTV does not have a production staff available to cover town events. The vitality of the studio relies on its volunteer basis by the community.


4. What if I have an idea for a new show?

The best way to get your idea on the air is to learn to use the production equipment and produce the program yourself. However, it is possible to produce a new show with existing trained volunteers.


5. Why aren't more local events aired on BTV?

Remember, we are a group of volunteers. We are limited by the availability and interest of volunteers. If there is something you would like to see covered on Bridgewater Cable Access, find a group of interested people and form a production crew. It's fun and rewarding.