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BTV Cable Access in Bridgewater, Massachusetts offers Production Assistant internships at its television production facility at 80 Spring Street. Students who want to participate must have taken courses in television studio production plus electronic news gathering, engineering or videography. The PA positions require a minimum of 9 hours per week and allow a maximum 18 hours-depending on the course credit earned.


Production Assistant 1

The production assistant position 1 is a position in which the student works with the BTV Cable Access News Producer. Duties include tracking news stories, scheduling interviews and editing. There will be opportunities to create news packages to perform both behind-the camera and on-camera work. The student will coordinate assignments with the News Producer.


Production Assistant 2

The production assistant position 2 is a position in which the student works with the BTV Cable Access Station Manager. Duties include tracking equipment, scheduling edit/studio space for volunteers.  Duties also include participating in ''live'' and "live to tape" productions both in-studio and on-location. The student will coordinate assignments with the Station Manager.


Production Assistant 3

The production assistant position 3 is a position in which the student works with the BTV Cable Access Sports Programming team. Duties include coordinating events with the Station Manager and News Producer for ''live to tape'' coverage of sporting events involving both Bridgewater State College and Bridgewater-Raynham High School. This position will also require the production assistant to aid in the production of ENG coverage of sporting events in the Bridgewater community, including the development of highlight packages and dubs.


All Production assistants will be required to participate actively in ''hands on'' production and will be expected to meet deadlines set by the News Producer and/or Station Manager. The studio has JVC SD Card camcorders with Avid, Analog and Newtek workstations for students to assist in the editing process.


BTV is a volunteer driven production facility and is regularly seeking residents from the community to participate in coverage of public meetings, sports events, school concerts, special events, and much more. We also encourage volunteer production of programs at our state of the art studios. Equipment and training is provided free of charge. If you have an idea for a new show, would like to get your message heard, or would like to be involved in your community television station, contact Jeff Fowler at 508-697-1833 or Email us @